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The Met Living Collection

Introducing the Met Living Collection: Where Art Meets Elegance

Experience 5,000 years of art and history through the exclusive collaboration between Eichholtz and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. This unique collection, available only on the MetXEichholtz website, offers a fusion of artistic heritage and timeless design. From opulent furnishings to tasteful decor, these pieces bring the essence of The Met into your home, creating a living tribute to our rich cultural history. Explore the Met Living Collection and infuse your living space with elegance and artistry like never before.

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The new collection, all of it handmade and available internationally, is borne of an intense but joyous 12 months of research; time spent at The Met with its expert curators exploring the museum and the extraordinary archives.


The MET X Eichholtz collection is a proud component of the OROA GROUP, fusing 5,000 years of art and history into an extraordinary collection. Unveil nearly 100 exclusive products that represent a groundbreaking collaboration between the MET and a furniture brand, a first of its kind.